Dr. Urs Maier

Senior Associate, Energy and Infrastructure

Urs  Maier

Urs Maier is an expert on freight transport, sector coupling and transport infrastructure. He joined Agora Verkehrswende in 2016 and specialises amongst others in electricity-based fuels, integrating electric vehicles into power grids and strengthening rail for the transport transformation.

Urs Maier was previously employed as a project manager at the German environmental organization "Deutsche Umwelthilfe". Prior to that, he was a research fellow at the University of Luxembourg's Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning. In 2010 he received his PhD for a dissertation on path dependencies and green technology in the automobile sector. Urs Maier holds a Diplom degree in Geography. He studied in Cologne, Bonn, and Gothenburg.

Song choice for the Agora Verkehrswende Mix: Ticket (Beatsteaks).

German transport infrastructure plan outdated, not in line with climate goals, says @agoraverkehr Think tank calls for reassessment of plan, which determines construction of infrastructure for next 10-15 years cleanenergywire.org/news/german-tr… pic.twitter.com/4ABZe239oo

Der aktuelle Bundesverkehrswegeplan BVWP von 2016 ist nicht mehr zeitgemäß. Er verschleudert Mrd. für klima- & umweltschädliche Autobahnen, die nicht mehr gebraucht werden u. noch mehr Verkehr erzeugen. Geld, dass wir dringend für mehr Schienen brauchen. 👉agora-verkehrswende.de/veroeffentlich… pic.twitter.com/hWDpd0tRBz

Urs Maier
Urs Maier


27 January

@JoernDoering @agoraverkehr @DLF Falsch. Wer es nachvollziehen will, das sind die Stichworte: Kraftstoffverbrauch; Wirkungsgrad E-Fuels; Bedarf H2 & H2-Derivate in Energie, Industrie, Luft- & Seeverkehr; Angebot E-Fuels; Ausbau & effiziente Nutzung v. Grünstrom; E-Auto-Verbrauch; Batterierecycling; CO, HC, NOx

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