Passenger car toll for Germany

  • Project Duration: 11/2020 - 08/2021

How an intelligent, distance-based car toll can become a supporting key pillar of a sustainable transport system.

The operation and further development of the transport infrastructure pose major challenges for policymakers. Existing capacities are overloaded and the demand for investment is high. Furthermore, climate protection requires a fundamental reorientation. These challenges could be supported by a distance-based, variable toll system for passenger cars applied to all road networks, which would:

  • Provide incentives to reduce CO2 and pollutant emissions,
  • manage the utilization of existing capacities more efficiently
  • and ensure stable and cause-related financing.

In this project, we are developing guidelines for a passenger car toll that meets the challenges of the transport transformation. The central questions are: How can the costs for the use of infrastructure as well as the impact on the climate, environment and health be charged appropriately? How can a toll system address individual needs in a differentiated manner and at the same time remain practicable and affordable? How can the concerns of municipalities be accounted for? And what kind of overall transport policy strategy should such a passenger car toll be embedded in?

Project management


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