Agora Verkehrswende

In partnership with key players in the fields of politics, economics, science and civil society, Agora Verkehrswende will pave the way for the full decarbonisation of the transport sector by 2045. We are developing an extensive climate protection strategy and will support its successful implementation.

This climate protection strategy revolves around the transition of the entire transport system from fossil fuels to electricity and fuel generated by renewable energy. The transformation of the transport sector includes increasing the efficiency of the entire traffic system by avoiding unnecessary traffic, transitioning to environmentally friendly modes of transport and improving individual modes of transport. The environmentally friendly development of urban traffic is a key component of the necessary revolution.

The transformation of our transport system is a complex challenge facing all of society. It can only be done by the key societal players working together. Agora Verkehrswende provides the platform for this collaboration, develops processes and provides scientific information on scenarios and methods. Agora Verkehrswende focuses on the land-based transport of passengers and goods in Germany in a European context.


Agora Verkehrswende revolves around societal discourse on environmentally friendly, sustainable ways to develop the traffic sector. Its highly decorated board provides a central forum for this dialogue. The board features selected representatives from the fields of society, politics, economics and science.

It convenes four times a year in private, confidential meetings. The discussions of the board of Agora Verkehrswende are complemented by public workshops and conferences.

The interdisciplinary team of Agora Verkehrswende and its academic network lay the academic foundations for the discourse and strategic development in the form of analyses and studies. Agora Verkehrswende has a significant research budget for this purpose.

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