The Agora Verkehrswende Council brings together notable individuals from the domains of politics, business, academia and society to discuss in an open and trusting manner the challenges surrounding the transformation of the transport sector.

The Council’s sole purpose is to provide a forum for discussion and venue for the identification of viable solutions. To this end, it seeks to create an environment of trust while engendering awareness for divergent interests among its members. Researchers at Agora Verkehrswende may use the Council for presenting their findings or soliciting recommendations. However, the Council has no supervisory or decision-making authority, and is not responsible for the work of Agora Verkehrswende.

The members of the Council represent organisations that are important for the success of the transition to sustainable transport in Germany, including federal ministries and parliamentary groups, companies and trade unions, and environmental and consumer associations. In order to ensure candid and open dialogue, Council meetings are not open to the public. Statements made by participants may not be quoted by name (Chatham House Rule).

List of members (in German)

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