Job Effects of Electric Mobility

  • Project Duration: 04/2021 - 07/2021

How electric mobility changes employment in automotive and energy industries.

Global trends like automation, digitalisation and e-mobility are changing business models in the automotive industry and will do so even more radically in the future. In particular, the effects of e-mobility on jobs in the automotive industry are being discussed intensively and controversially. The crucial question is: How can the structural change that has already begun be shaped in such a way that it simultaneously advances climate protection, offers employees a perspective and strengthens the competitiveness of the industry in Germany?

With this project we don't want to simply balance the number of future jobs, but also understand what kind of jobs are lost in the production of combustion vehicles on the one hand and created in the value chain of electric vehicles on the other. This makes it easier to assess how employees can meet the challenges of the transformation and which qualification and further training measures, including those provided by the state, can support them in this process.

The Boston Consulting Group has been contracted with carrying out the assessment.

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