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Electrifying Urban Transport in Germany and Poland

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Electrifying Urban Transport in Germany and Poland

Decarbonizing road transport, mainly through the electrification of the urban vehicle fleet including individual and public transport, is already part of the national and local strategies to reduce air pollution and mitigate climate change. Yet urban mobility cannot be reshaped without continuous collaboration and exchange on best practices, good solutions and feasible approaches across borders, especially within the European Union.

Therefore, this study investigates the status quo of policies, influencing and framing the electrification of urban mobility and provides recommendations for municipalities in Poland and Germany on how to effectively support the electrification of urban mobility. It thus supports the discussions of the Polish-German Platform on Electromobility, where both countries jointly work toward their shared ambition of Driving the necessary Change together.

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Ernst-Benedikt Riehle

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    Dr. Sandra Wappelhorst, Kyle Morrison

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    Agora Verkehrswende (2021): Charge, Set, Go! Electrifying Urban Transport in Germany and Poland.

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