Future Ahoy!

An infographic novel about sustainable transport

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An infographic novel about sustainable transport

Over the past few years, we’ve published more than twenty studies on the building blocks of climate-friendly transport, and the neologism Verkehrswende (“Transport Transformation”) has gained enormous popularity in Germany. The arguments and insights in favor of remaking transport are numerous. Nevertheless, the transformation has been slow to gain speed.

We concluded it was time for a fresh approach. Working in collaboration with Ellery Studio, we repackaged our influential study Transforming Transport to Ensure Tomorrow’s Mobility. The result is a hybrid version of the graphic novel and infographic. By offering rigorous research in an entertaining format, we hope to simultaneously inform and amuse – while also mobilizing support for societal change.

The future of transport is the overarching theme of this “infographic novel,” which focuses on a family spanning three generations – including a very special dog, Rudi.

In August 2020 Ellery Studio received a gold medal at the Malofiej International Infographic Awards for the original German version of Future Ahoy! (Abgefahren!). The Malofiej Award is considered the world’s most prestigious commendation for infographics.

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Marena Pützschler

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    Agora Verkehrswende and Ellery Studio (2021): Future Ahoy! An infographic novel about sustainable transport

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