The Agora Network for Urban Transport Transformation

  • Project Duration: since 02/2017

Together with municipalities, Agora is forging alliances for the transition to sustainable urban mobility.

Urban transport systems need changing, but doing so requires cooperation from local government, unions, companies and civil society. To help coordinate these efforts, Agora Verkehrswende has created the Agora Network for Urban Transport Transformation. Its purpose is to promote awareness of urban mobility’s crucial role in creating a sustainable transport system and to identify areas in which cities need assistance from state and federal authorities. Moreover, the network allows municipalities to voice their issues and concerns directly to Agora Verkehrswende so that real-life local challenges can be analysed more closely. The overarching goal is to define paths for reducing CO₂ emissions in preparation for a complete decarbonisation of urban transport systems.

The network is headed by Klaus J. Beckmann and Burkhard Horn, both members of the Agora Verkehrswende Council. Network meetings are closed to the public.

A PDF with the list of participants in the Agora Network for Urban Transport Transformation can be found here.

Project management

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