Social criteria for the residents' parking permit

  • Project Duration: 03/2022 - 06/2022

The fee for a resident parking permit had been limited to a maximum of 30.70 euros per year nationwide since 1993. An increase is now possible, but also meets with criticism.

Through the last years, the fees have no longer even covered the administrative costs for issuing a resident parking permit. Since 2020, the state governments and municipalities have been able to re-regulate the fees for residents' parking. Among other things, the location of the parking spaces, the size of the vehicle or the comparative rent for a private parking space can be taken into account.

Since the fees have not been adjusted for almost 30 years, significant price increases are to be expected. This is sometimes controversially discussed and also presented as an excessive financial burden on people with low incomes. On the other hand, higher fees have a positive steering effect. They ensure that valuable public space is used less as permanent parking space and encourage people to get rid of vehicles that are hardly used at all. Residents who are dependent on a car will then find it easier to find a parking space.

In this project, we are investigating whether and in what form it makes sense and is legally possible to take social criteria into account when assessing the level of charges for residents' parking permits. In doing so, we will primarily address municipal and socio-political aspects and develop a planning and legal classification. Depending on the results, we will also identify possible courses of action for federal and state politics or local administrations.


Project management

Benjamin Fischer

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