On the way to electric mobility: an international perspective on markets and EV charging

In a presentation held at the offices of Agora Verkehrswende in Berlin on 17 November, Dr. Nic Lutsey shared his views on the global development of electric vehicles (EVs).

The talk addressed a variety of topics, including the top countries for EV sales, the market shares held by leading manufacturers, and the rate at which EV costs are falling.

Dr. Lutsey is a prominent expert on US climate and transportation policy. He directs the electric vehicle and fuels program of the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) and also co-leads ICCT activities in the US. Furthermore, he manages the secretariat of the International Zero-Emission Vehicle Alliance (ZEV Alliance).

Dr. Lutsey stressed that individual measures will be insufficient to achieve widespread EV adoption. Rather, a combination of various measures is required, including long-term CO2 regulations, promotional efforts at the local level, and the development of convenient charging infrastructure.

Dr. Lutsey’s presentation is available for download free of charge at the link below.

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