Four questions for our Guest Researcher Vanchhit Johri

Vanchhit Johri joined Agora Verkehrswende in October 2021 as a German Chancellor Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. We asked him a few questions about his stay.

1. Where did you work before the exchange program?
Prior to the Chancellor Fellowship, I worked with a large Indian e-commerce start-up as a Program Manager. My primary responsibility was the electrification of the company delivery fleet through innovative solutions and partnerships with the fleet partners.

2. What made you apply for a Chancellor Fellowship at the Humboldt Foundation?
The Chancellor Fellowship provides an excellent forum for an in-depth study of the German market trends and an understanding of the viable lessons for the Indian context. The current fellows are from five countries with diverse socio-political realities and their professional experiences add multiple perspectives to my research project.

3. How did you find Agora Verkehrswende as a host?
Agora Verkehrswende was my first choice as a project host because of its exceptional research impact in recent years. It has a vast cross-sectoral network with key electric mobility players in policy, academia and the corporate sector, which offers unparalleled insights and learnings during my stay.

4. What project will you be working on during your stay?
During my stay with Agora Verkehrswende, I will be working on the vehicles charging infrastructure in Germany. I plan to learn about the business models in the German market and identify potential solutions and insights for the Indian context which can aid the vehicle transformation in India.

With the German Chancellor Fellowship, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation offers prospective leaders from Brazil, China, India, Russia, South Africa and the USA the opportunity to conduct a project as guests of the partner of their choice in Germany. For more information, visit the Humboldt Foundation website:


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