Dr. Wiebke Zimmer

Deputy Executive Director

Wiebke  Zimmer

Dr. Wiebke Zimmer has been Deputy Executive Director of Agora Verkehrswende since January 2022. Prior to that, she worked for 16 years at the Öko-Institut, where she headed the Sustainable Mobility team as deputy head of the Resources & Mobility division from 2013. The focus of her work was primarily on topics related to climate protection in the transport sector. From 2001 to 2004, she was a research associate in the Federal Environment Agency's Pollutant Reduction and Energy Saving in Transport department. She studied chemistry at the Free University of Berlin and subsequently completed her doctorate there in the Department of Physics.

Song choice for the Agora Verkehrswende Mix: Vélo (Bénabar).

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Hier geht es zu unserer Studie über den Wandel in der automobilen Arbeitswelt bis 2030: agora-verkehrswende.de/veroeffentlich… Fazit: Es kommt zu signifikanten Verschiebungen, insgesamt kann die Zahl der Arbeitsplätze in 🇩🇪 aber konstant bleiben, wenn ... #VerbrennerAus #Elektroautos 2/2

TV-Tipp: Doku "E-Autos - Jobkiller oder Jobmotor?" von @ZDF #planetE👇mit @C_Hochfeld und unserer Studie "Autojobs unter Strom", weitere Stimmen u.a.: @volkswagen @BoschGlobal @Wissing @VDA_online @IGMetall @bodoramelow @StadtwerkeKiel zdf.de/dokumentation/… #Verkehrswende 1/2

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