Philipp Kosok

Senior Associate, Public Transport

Philipp  Kosok

Philipp Kosok heads up public transport at Agora Verkehrswende. The main focus of his work is how to rapidly augment bus and rail transport capacity,  an essential component of full transport-sector decarbonisation. He also studies the integration of new mobility services with traditional forms of public transport, in addition to the shift of commuter traffic to eco-friendly mobility options.

Before joining Agora Verkehrswende in October 2020, Philipp was employed for four years as the spokesperson for public transport, rail traffic, and multimodality at VCD, a non-profit devoted to ecological transport. Prior to this post, he was a researcher and lecturer at the Erfurt University of Applied Sciences. Phillip holds a Master's degree in Intelligent Transport Systems and Mobility Management.

Song choice for the Agora Verkehrswende Mix: Gehen die Leute (Tocotronic).

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