Dr. Philipp Prein

Head of Communications

Philipp  Prein

Philipp Prein joined Agora Verkehrswende as head of communications in March of 2020. In addition to overseeing press relations and publication activities, he manages digital communications and advises on issues of strategy.

Philipp Prein has many years of hands-on experience in press relations and PR work. He is also intimately familiar with energy, climate and transport policy debates. He began his career as an intern at the press office of BUND, the German branch of the environmental NGO Friends of the Earth. In 2005 he joined the PR department of the German Energy Agency (dena), where he ultimately rose to head of the press team.

Philipp Prein studied history, ethnology and African studies, earning a B.A. from Northwestern University, an M.A. from Hamburg University and a Ph.D. from Humboldt University in Berlin.

Song choice for the Agora Verkehrswende Mix: Dr Alpeflug (Mani Matter).

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