Dr. Günter Hörmandinger

Deputy Executive Director

Günter  Hörmandinger

Günter Hörmandinger joined Agora Verkehrswende as Deputy Director at the beginning of 2019. He previously worked for almost 20 years at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for the Environment, where he was responsible for the environmental effects of transport policy and also helped to negotiate the first EU Regulation to limit the carbon emissions of passenger cars. He also assisted with the adoption of vehicle emission standards (Euro 5/6 for cars and Euro V/VI for trucks). From 2010 to 2014 he served as an EU environmental policy diplomat in Washington, D.C. Prior to joining the EU Commission, he worked in London as a consultant in the area of new vehicle and fuel technologies. Günter Hörmandinger holds a PhD in Physics from the Vienna University of Technology as well as an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College, London.

Song choice for the Agora Verkehrswende Mix: Autobahn (Kraftwerk).

The long version of our statement on the revision of the EU CO₂ emission performance standards for cars and light commercial vehicles is available in English only: 👉agora-verkehrswende.de/en/publication… 2/2 pic.twitter.com/WzVDUZQtSY

Die #EU überarbeitet die Verordnung zu den #CO2-Flottengrenzwerten für #Pkw und leichte Nfz. Wir haben dazu eine Stellungnahme eingereicht und empfehlen u.a.: Anhebung der CO2-Grenzwerte für 2030 auf bis zu 75 % im Vergleich zu 2021.👉agora-verkehrswende.de/veroeffentlich… #Verkehrswende 1/2 pic.twitter.com/kJsEpQq54S

Just launched Decade of Wind Propulsion campaign: accelerating decarbonisation in commercial shipping - direct wind propulsion + vessel improvements, operational optimisation + eco fuels. decadeofwindpropulsion.org #shipping #shipsandshipping #maritime #innovation #transport #port pic.twitter.com/eytuXbLMmt

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