Financing the automotive transformation

  • Project Duration: since 09/2023

A forum for exchange between the automotive industry, the financial sector, policymakers and civil society on the challenges to achieving climate neutrality.

The transport sector is standing on the brink of profound change. The comprehensive transformation of economic activity in accordance with the Paris Agreement and United Nations Sustainability Agenda is essential – not only for the long-term competitiveness of firms, but also to ensure continued investment in Germany manufacturing and thus secure domestic employment. To be sure, the scope of structural change required is extensive. It can only succeed given close cooperation between the real economy and the financial sector – and it must be undergirded by a coherent and ambitious policy framework.  

In line with this insight, Agora Verkehrswende and the Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany are launching the Forum for Financing the Automotive Transformation. The forum will seek joint solutions to the challenges faced in the automotive sector by bringing together representatives from the auto industry, financial sector, government, civil society and academia. In an open and trusting format, the participants will discuss the conditions required to enable effective cooperation between the automotive industry and financial sector, as well as to reliably guide and accelerate change along evidence-based transformation pathways.

In addition to enabling exchange between members, the forum will enrich the work of Agora Verkehrswende with knowledge and experience from the field of sustainable finance, in part by highlighting promising topics for research.

The inaugural meeting of the forum will take place in September 2023. The forum will meet several times a year, and the meetings will not be open to the public. The forum is designed as an advisory body without decision-making powers or responsibility for the work of Agora Verkehrswende.

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