Manuela Henderkes


Manuela  Henderkes

Manuela Henderkes is our receptionist as of August, 2018. She previously worked for several companies in the area of ​​office management and as an office assistant. Before that, she acquired many years of experience in information management at a large pharmaceutical company. She is German-American and has been living in Berlin for over 30 years.

The study was published today by three German climate policy think tanks: @AgoraEW, @agoraverkehr, @StiftungKlima. Download executive summary: ➡️… Full study will be available early November. 4/4

.@C_Hochfeld sees a great opportunity to modernise the transport system: "The faster the automotive industry and energy suppliers adapt, the better their long-term market opportunities will be. In the passenger car market, battery-electric vehicles will prevail by 2035." 3/4

For the German transport sector, the first step means reducing GHG emissions by 46 % by 2030. Key factors are: ➡️14 million electric cars, ➡️30 % of road freight kilometres electric, ➡️more transport by bus, train, walking and cycling. #GreenDeal #transport #Mobility 2/4

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