Manuela Henderkes


Manuela  Henderkes

Manuela Henderkes is our receptionist as of August, 2018. She previously worked for several companies in the area of ​​office management and as an office assistant. Before that, she acquired many years of experience in information management at a large pharmaceutical company. She is German-American and has been living in Berlin for over 30 years.

Autonomous vehicles can make #transport more sustainable, "yet they won’t do it automatically" - study by @agoraverkehr Factors that impact efficiency "should be discussed in the early stages of development"… #AutonomousVehicles #selfdrivingcars

Catenary trucks are best in #energyefficiency, but require fast govt intervention "If we don't get a few hundred km of overhead lines soon, the technology is likely to disappear from the menu," @CF_Elmer @agoraverkehr told me (4/7)

Our analysis of #autonomousdriving and energy consumption is now also available in English. Gains in #energyefficiency of 4 to 10 % are possible, but can easily be lost due to vehicle networking and increased vehicle mileage. 👉… @FraunhoferISI #transport

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