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Marie  Quante
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Marie Quante has been a student assistant at Agora Verkehrswende since October 2021. She supports projects in the fields of electromobility and industrial policy with background research and data preparation.

In her bachelor thesis, she addressed the contribution of electromobility to German climate goals and transposed the progressive development in Norway in the 2010s to the German electric fleet. In addition to transport policy issues, she is addressing sustainable transformation in the construction industry as part of her master's degree in industrial engineering.

Song choice for the Agora Verkehrswende Mix: Waterloo Sunset (The Kinks).

Must Read for those of you who think we are doing good enough on #ElkictricCars in #Europe - In #China this year more EVs will be sold than in the rest of the world combined, as its domestic market accelerates ahead of the global competition. via @nytimes…

🫵🏼"fair/cares/wendy/" - Während 🇩🇪 bei der #Verkehrswende zurückzufallen droht, nimmt die #Transformation der #Mobilität 🇺🇳Fahrt auf. Wir freuen uns, diese Entwicklungen unterstützen zu dürfen und möchten unser Team mit neuen Kolleg:innen bereichern! Welcome to Agora! 🙏🏼share!…



21 September

„Ich bezweifle, dass wir den Umschwung vom Verbrenner auf Elektromobilität „einfach so“ bewerkstelligen. Wichtig wäre zum Beispiel die Umgestaltung des Abgabensystems für Verbrenner“, fordert @WiebkeZimmer auf der #TÜVSustainCon. @agoraverkehr

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