Dr. Urs Maier

Senior Associate Freight Transport

Urs  Maier
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Urs Maier was previously employed as a project manager at the German environmental organization "Deutsche Umwelthilfe". Prior to that, he was a research fellow at the University of Luxembourg's Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning. In 2010 he received his PhD for a dissertation on path dependencies and green technology in the automobile sector. Urs Maier holds a Diplom degree in Geography. He studied in Cologne, Bonn, and Gothenburg.

Der europäische Güterverkehr macht keinen Halt an Grenzen. Aber er wechselt auf die Straße, weil Deutschland seinen Versprechen zum Ausbau der Schiene nicht nachkommt. 🚊🚚 deutschlandfunk.de/widerstand-geg… @PRO_BAHN @Schienenallianz @BMVI

Der vollständige Wortlaut der nicht gehaltenen Rede hier: m.facebook.com/notes/oberb%C3… twitter.com/fr/status/1171…

Video I came across of someone driving along Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam in the 1960s and me cycling along the same street this year. Which do you prefer? Radical change in cities is possible! pic.twitter.com/e07hxtzgQL

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